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Dre J. Bruneau – Hépatite C : Accès limité aux antiviraux à action directe

Dre J. Bruneau – Hépatite C : Accès limité aux antiviraux à action directe

Les personnes ayant l’hépatite C ont un accès limité aux antiviraux à action directe (UdeM Nouvelles)

People infected by hepatitis C in Canada have limited access to direct-acting antivirals (Scienmag)
« The treatment is effective, safe and economically viable. We should treat all people infected with hepatitis C, » insisted Dr. Julie Bruneau, a physician and researcher at the CHUM. Canada is committed to the World Health Organization’s objective of eradicating hepatitis by 2030. « Currently, in Canada, the majority of new and existing hepatitis C infections occur in people with recent or former injection drug use. These people are often vulnerable and stigmatized and have a difficult relationship with the health-care system.

High Cost Limits Access Of People To Direct-Acting Antivirals For Hepatitis C, In Canada (Med india) 

Hepatitis C direct-acting antivirals: 85 percent of Canadian provinces and territories restrict access (Outbreak News Today)

Many Canadian territories restrict access to medications for treating hepatitis C, study finds (News-Medical.net)

People Infected By Hepatitis C In Canada Have Limited Access To Direct-Acting Antivirals (News Wise)

Canadians Infected by Hepatitis C Have Limited Access to Direct-Acting Antivirals (Infection Control Today)



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